Precision Machining

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Having developed a niche in the screw machine industry of parts that are under an inch (1.625") in diameter, PMC plays a major role in America's production of screw machine parts. The cast of the screw machining operations are the Multi-spindle National Acmes, Brown & Sharpes, Swiss Automatics and a full secondary machining department. Intricate parts requiring extremely close tolerances, smooth finishes, forming, shaving, drilling, tapping, broaching, thread rolling, slotting, and back drilling are all ideal for these machines.

Thirteen (13) multi-spindle National Acmes make up the majority of the production with high volume runs of parts that are a half inch (1/2") in diameter or smaller. High volume, however, does not mean more time. These multi-spindle machines turn out thousands of parts per shift, guaranteeing shorter lead times, still with Swiss-oriented quality.



Thirteen (13) Brown & Sharpes take over where the high volume Acmes leave off. These single-spindle machines duplicate the same functions of the Acmes, but allow for more efficiencies for low to medium volume production runs of 100 to 50,000 pieces. Fast run times and smaller quantities yield quick turnaround times, with extraordinary quality.

The sixteen (16) Swiss Automatics are the cornerstone of PMC. Swiss principles are the foundation of the company philosophy... Precision, Quality, and Service. These machines master very close tolerances on the diameters of long, slender parts, calling for high smooth finishes. All long parts, such as shafts, rods, blades, bars, pins, etc., that are under 13/16" are made to perfection on the Swiss Automatics.

Whether your demand is for screw machine products and parts made from steel, brass and copper alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic resins, PMC has the knowledge, the experience, the reputation, and the capability to supply you with top quality precision machined components, to your delivery schedule, at the lowest possible costs.

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